Ode to Nature: A Canoe Expedition Unveils the "Greetings from Nowhere" Collection

Since forét's inception in 2014, our pursuit of moments that offer inner peace and a connection with Danish nature has been at the core of our brand philosophy. Every piece of content and idea we create is born from these explorations, fueled by a desire to inspire others to embrace nature as a tool for both health and inspiration.

The Summer Collection of 2024, aptly named "Greetings from Nowhere," is a tangible expression of a transformative canoe trip undertaken by the forét team last year along the enchanting waters of Mølleåen. The breathtaking scenery along Mølleåen, coupled with the serene sensation of gliding through its waters in a canoe, left an indelible mark on our creative minds. The result is a collection infused with the spirit of this remarkable journey.

To share the essence of our adventure and guide you through your own memorable canoe expedition north of Copenhagen, we've crafted a practical guide filled with our best advice:

Canoe Rental at Frederiksdal Kanoudlejning:

Opt for the exceptional canoe rental services at Frederiksdal Kanoudlejning, housed in a charming old watermill. Begin your day with a leisurely breakfast in their garden, setting the tone for a relaxed start. Remember, the essence of a canoe trip lies in taking it slow and savoring every moment.

The Scenic Route:

Embark on the picturesque route through Mølleåen, crossing Lyngby Sø for a truly immersive experience. Navigate narrow passages beyond Lyngby Sø, adding an adventurous twist to your journey. The landscape and surroundings are nothing short of amazing, leading you to Fuglevad Vandværk, our chosen picnic break location. Armed with homemade sandwiches and refreshing drinks, we emphasize the importance of carrying snacks and beverages to sustain your energy during the physically demanding hours. After the picnic, retracing the same route ensures a fulfilling 6-hour escape from Copenhagen's hustle and bustle.

A Curated Packing list

Join forét in celebrating the beauty of nature and the invigorating escape that a canoe trip provides. "Greetings from Nowhere" is not just a collection but a testament to the untamed allure found when immersed in the great outdoors.

Your friendly reminder to go outside.

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