Spring Summer 22 - First Instalment

i am a gardener


”Jesper Finderup and business partner Jeppe Alexander Meier have always been keen outdoor types. Raised in a small city south of Copenhagen, they spent most of their childhood enjoying the surrounding woodlands. So when they set up menswear brand Forét in 2014 (the similarity to the French for for forest, forêt, isn't by accident) the aim was to design a sturdy and well-designed collection to suit fellow nature-loving urbanities. "The brand perfectly reflects our lifestyle and hobbies," says Finderup. Built around a palette of natural hues and crafted in Europe from mostly organic and recycled materials, their collections brings together everything from striped cotton shirts and corduroy trousers to raincoats and padded vests. "We combine pieces for the outdoors with casual city wear," Says Finderup. "our brand is all about inspiring people to slow down"

Monocle Magazine, October 2021

"Based in Copenhagen and founded in 2014, Forét exists on three business pillars: Design & Development, Fabrics, and Production. They pride themselves in creating garments from responsible materials for dads who are the everyday journeymen, traveling from the office to the urban and the outdoors. The casual and loose fit, short sleeves, and camp collar of the Road Shirt are designed in the Scandinavian region and made in Portugal for the explorer in you."

Forbes Magazine, June 2021

”Forét, taken from the Danish word for forest, have traditionally styled most of their outfits in the great outdoors. Their clothes aren’t exactly for hiking, though. Forét is the type of clothing you’d wear on a Boxing Day afternoon stroll with your Mum and Grandma – you’re maintaining a little bit of smartness whilst bracing the high grass and ferns that line the nature reserve’s walkways. You might find an interesting mushroom, pick it with enthusiasm and find that the rest of your family is utterly uninterested (just me?). Grandma moans that her feet hurt and you all turn back. Forét is more of an urbanites approach to nature – and that’s no bad thing. ”.

Proper Magazine, September 2021

Back in 2014 two childhood friends wanted to create a brand that inspires the everyday person to slow down, go offline & explore our nature.

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