If we want to grow as people, we need to patiently prune and water ourselves as we would care a garden. SS22 - "I am a gardener” illustrates the golden mean between contemporary style and function. Inspired by the functional detailing and construction of outdoor and gardening gear. The real aim of the collection is rooted in memory. “I am a gardener” looks to revitalise childhood memories of the great outdoors and gardens. As such, the collection proffers a sense of nostalgia and modern functionality that appeals to something in us all, no matter whether city-based or living in the open country.



Gardener T-Shirt   Raven Cap - Green


Brook Denim Chino  Seed Cap - Navy Rowan Overshirt - Cloud 


Gardener T-shirt


Lawn Haft Zip - Cloud


Maple Hoodie - Ginger Brook Corduroy Chino - Khaki Rowan Overshirt - Denim


Brook Corduroy Chino - Khaki Stem Shirt - Stripe


Patio Sherpa Vest - Cloud  Ash Sweatshirt - Navy Stanley Bottle - Navy


Brook Chino - Cloud Sunflower Knit 


Gone Corduroy Shirt - Green Brook Chino - Khaki


Trowel Quilted Vest - Rake Quilted Pants


Burnet Overshirt - Dark Green Clover Shorts - Navy/Brown


Nectar Sweatshirt - Green  Home Shorts - Cloud


Lane Shirt - Stripe  Lawn Half Zip - Cloud  Sunflower Knit - Dark Green Stem Shirt


Hedge Half Zip Fleece - Army  Brook Chino - Cloud

Hops Shirt - Navy  Brook Chino - Cloud


Tree Longsleeve - Cloud/Navy Parade Shorts - Khaki


Savory Pop Over Shirt - Navy/Stripe  Parade Shorts - Denim


Plant T-Shirt - White

Lane Shirt - Green  Brook Denim Chino 

 Gardener T-Shirt   Raven Cap - Green Rake Quilted Pants


Enjoy the garden tunes and discover our new collection

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