SS23 - Feet Planted on the Ground

Feet Planted on the Ground

 Invented as a pastime for long, sun-drenched days in the local town square, the archetypical French game pétanque has grown to become a truly international phenomenon. Finding the root of its name the phrase “pieds tanqués”, meaning “feet planted”, it goes without saying that this game is not about lightning-fast reactions, physical play, and complicated tactics. Instead, it’s a simple game played on any small available space, aided by good company and a laid-back mindset. Ironically, despite the simplicity of the game, finding a suitable place to play in a city is almost impossible.

Much like our lives, pétanque was not designed for pavement and asphalt. Actually, pétanque can teach us more about ourselves than you might think. Learning to relax, find your sunny square, and play in the shade of an old tree with your loved ones is a masterclass in how to live well. While the world speeds up around us, games like pétanque become peaceful oases, forcing us to switch off and enjoy the moment, whether it lasts five minutes or a whole, lazy afternoon. It’s this mindset that informs the direction of our Spring Summer 23 collection.

The collection, entitled “Feet Planted on the Ground”, lifts its inspirations from the game of pétanque: its setting, its no-fuss personality, and general easygoing nature. These qualities translate effortlessly into a range of high-quality summer essentials from Forét. 

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